Thursday, February 12, 2015

An unusual flower shared with you today

Hi Friends and followers,

Today I am posting a quick flower I made out of 2 simple die cuts.  See the photo below.  Dies are shown on the photo.  Red and white cardstock was used, wet glue, a Micron 02 pen, a foam pad and stylus will also be needed to cup the confetti.

My share for February 12th 

Just a quick note on how to make this flower
I have cut a few of the stars of both sizes.  All you need to do is layer all layers in a pleasing way by offsetting the pointy ends.  There are no limits on how many stars should be used, keep in mind the more layers the thicker the flower will be.  I cupped on a foam pad with stylus the confetti to add to the flower center, adhered it to the flower then with a Micron pen just dotted the confetti piece.  Click on the photo to see dies and flower details.
More to come....