Thursday, October 23, 2014

Puppy talk

Hi Bloggers and Followers,

Making this quick post to let you know what my little pup of joy has been into today.  If you are familiar with the cheese called "Babybel Light" Individually wrapped cheese (delicious), well, Moki found the red shell that this cheese it wrapped into.  This red shell is sticky wax.  I turned my head away from my little one today, and when I looked again he was chewing this wax very happily as well.  The result was, he had chewed it so well that the sides of his mouth were covered with it.  Deeply incrusted into his hair.

I have yet tried 3 times to remove it with soapy facecloth.  I could see he wanted me to succeed but it is way too much into his hair I may have to trim that.  Will wait for hubby to get home and try to remove the very sticky wax off of him.  Poor thing I can see him, trying to remove it with his paws.  It has to be so annoying, I know.

Here is what he looks like after removing some of it
I just had to take a few photos for his album.  I am sure he will be looking for mayhem as time goes by.  Now that he mastered the stairs up and down, I am bracing for surprises.  Hoping there won't be many.

EEK!  How is she going to remove this from me?

A day in a puppy's life lol
Have a great day, mine was very busy with this little one being so creative with his finding ways to get in trouble lol

Time to share another card "Koala Easel Card"

Hi Bloggers and followers,

Today I am sharing a card I made this week.  It was fun!
This stamp is a stamp called "Kind Koala" from SU 134360 and I used the Spellbinders Labels Twenty Five S5-077.  Frankly you can make an easel card with any labels you like.  You will need to make a hinge at the very top of it but it looks pretty when all is done. 

 Rhinestones used were of SU.  I find them so much more shining than the ones we get in Craft chain stores.  I used 4 Copic markers Cold and Warm grey and a yellow and orange for the flower.

 This card is a dimensional card.  You may not see it perfectly but I have cut another head with the ears and a nose.  Colored the extra head with ears in grey (2 toned) then I added an extra nose I had fussy cut as well to make a 3D look from this lovely Koala.
This is a very simple card to make.  Just stamp your Koala stamp 3 times.  Make sure before you add dimension to your koala that the full koala background piece is cut into any shape you want.  Once it is dimensional if you want to cut out your koala, it will get crushed into your cutting machine.
Before I added the 2 extra pieces and then the 2nd layer of the daisy I formed them and by that I mean with the help of a stylus and a foam pad, rounding up the edges before adding the dimensional foam over the original background image.
Once your image is mounted with extra layers of the koala you can layer your image.  In this case I used my Spellbinder shape but this time I penciled outside of the frame to make 1/8th border in black.  I had to fussy cut it but it was what I needed between my grey and white layers.  I stamped 3 more daisies and fussy cut them after coloring them and used the Memory Box Bamboo shoots 98793 and cut out a piece of it to lay on the oval that keeps the easel upright.  To finish the card I added rhinestones.
Thanks for stopping by, thank you everyone for your comments.  I really love to read them.  Don't be shy!
Moki is doing well.  Moki made another milestone today.  YEY!!!!!!!!!!! not so sure it is good yet, but he gained more independence by going down the stairs on his own.  He had learned how to climb them after luring him with a toy sock but I had only shown him once how to come down the stairs.  Today while preparing my lunch, he appeared out of nowhere.  Which told me that he had managed to come down the stairs from my Studio.  I knew it was going to happen, I just wasn't sure when.  So he cannot be kept in one room anymore lol.  Good?  not sure.....will let you know, to be continued.....
Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Update on Moki

Hi bloggers and followers,

As you already know from a few weeks ago now, I have a new puppy.  My days and late evenings are on puppy watch and training.  It is time consuming but he is a priority right now.  I must admit that I am quite impressed by his progress, house breaking and a few tricks we teach dogs, with him, it seems it's all in the pocket already.  Maybe he was here before in another life LOL.  That's a thought, but I really do think that he is making progress and then some days I feel he is backtracking.  But who isn't, we all have our good and not so good days.  Right?

This is one photo I took of him a few days ago.  His fur coat is getting so thick and long, a trim for maintenance was needed and I have learned that I won't go back to get him trimmed for any sort of trimming again.  Good thing it will grow back.  Entering his 13th week of age, he is quite a character as he knows what he wants, but overall he won both of our hearts from the minute we first laid eyes on our little guy Moki.

Puppy proofing the house is still an ongoing project too.  The best way I found out how to limit the damages is to "see what they see" to their level.  Sit on the floor and look around for things he might want to get into when you are not looking.

So that's my news for now, sorry I have been silent lately.  I have a few projects on the table just waiting to be finished and once that's done I will post them for you to see. 

Thank you for stopping by.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to read it.
Will post soon, don't give up on me just yet LOL.

Have a wonderful day everyone

Friday, October 10, 2014

Introducing to the world, Moki

Hi Bloggers and followers,

Following through with yesterday's email of my getting a new puppy, it happened.  We were happy to find him at the airport, he was standing up in his cage showing he was ready to be loved and removed from this wet little refuge he had been in for far too long.

Wanda was really nice and shipping was made on time as planned.  Thank you Wanda.  If you are looking for a puppy, Visit them here.

So moving on to the fun part I am leaving you with fun pictures of my fluffy little Moki, enjoy!
Meet, Moki, 11 weeks

I hope you have enjoyed his whole tiny little self
Have a nice day!  Will be nice to have a nice long nap :0)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fantastic Balloon Fiesta on right now in Albuquerque, NM

Hi Bloggers and Followers,

I will try to be short, but no promises.  :0)

I left you last with a photo of this adorable Morkie dog without any explanations.  Some of you wrote and were able to guess that, yes, it is my new puppy.  I am getting him today, he is flying to us late in the afternoon.  As soon as I get more photos of my sweet little puppy I will show them to you.  I think I will have my camera attached to myself for quite a while.  So please bare with me when I send you the occasional photo of him growing up.  It has been a really long time coming to get my own little puppy.  I had a cat before for 11 years, but I had to have a small dog and here he is!!!!!!

For those of you who doesn't know what a Morkie breed is: "Maltese and Yorkshire" (commonly known as Yorkie)

As the title mentioned, it is the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, NM right now it ends this weekend.  But, the reason I mention this to you is that today, out of the blue sky, I was sitting here sending an email about not taking any pictures of the balloons this year as it has become so habitual to see them all over the place near Albuquerque, as we way up on the hill miles away, can see so much without having to drive in the heavy traffic to see them.  We are lucky.  I had to rephrase my saying NO PICTURES to share from the Balloon Fiesta this year, as it became certain I had some pictures to share from my house.  How awesome is that?

You know how loud burners from a Balloon can be, if not, it is very loud...especially when it is flying right on top of your house when least expected.  Yes here it was, on top of me, kids running in our street pointing at the Balloon trying to make a landing right here in front of our neighbor's house.  I was quick to launch out of my house with my camera on hand to take up close photos of the whole thing happening so unexpectedly.  Yeah 2 excitements in the same day!!!!!!!!  How cool is that?

So here are a few of the pictures I have taken and feel free to click on the photos to see them much, much larger,  I left them full size for a great visual experience.

I was so fortunate that my camera has a little battery left to take  all the pictures I took from this event.






The Balloon crew watching the pilot for his landing spot indication.  Then they all immediately grabbed the basket as it landed softly to the street. 

After all passengers had left the basket, the captain was preparing the balloon to go to its side and folded on a tarp, set up for this purpose.

Then the balloon was slowly deflated, falling to the ground for the crew to start bringing it in for folding

The crew truck and trailer was soon to come forward to get ready to load the equipment.

Almost completely deflated.  Many people were behind the balloon rolling it forward to remove the air from it.  It was fun to watch!

The crew truck is ready to carry the basket to the truck and get on with their day, so was I...... I hope you enjoyed the photos.
I have a few card projects started and stalled for a bit as I have been preoccupied by the buying of a new pup, preparing for it and now taking possession of him today.  But, soon I will have more cards to share.  Hang in there, please :0) so much excitement for me in one week!  It's all good!!
So here you go!  This was my morning excitement.  But the rest of my day gets better.  Picking up my new puppy.  Only then, can I be picking up a name that will sound right for him.  Will post more tomorrow about our new tiny family addition.
Have a fun day! <3

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Look at this little guy...................

Hi Bloggers and Followers,

I have been quieter for a few days.  I should have more cards to share soon.  This passed week I have been busy with things that became a priority.  So, for now I can share a photo with you and let you ponder on it for a few days. Smiling Nicole....
Oh, by the way, this is the photo of a beautiful Morkie dog.

Have a great weekend everyone.  Thanks for the Birthday wishes by cards and, emails.