Friday, October 10, 2014

Introducing to the world, Moki

Hi Bloggers and followers,

Following through with yesterday's email of my getting a new puppy, it happened.  We were happy to find him at the airport, he was standing up in his cage showing he was ready to be loved and removed from this wet little refuge he had been in for far too long.

Wanda was really nice and shipping was made on time as planned.  Thank you Wanda.  If you are looking for a puppy, Visit them here.

So moving on to the fun part I am leaving you with fun pictures of my fluffy little Moki, enjoy!
Meet, Moki, 11 weeks

I hope you have enjoyed his whole tiny little self
Have a nice day!  Will be nice to have a nice long nap :0)


  1. He's gorgeous ! He's looking around to see what mischief he can get into! Have fun

  2. Ohhh Moki you are a VERY LUCKY puppy ! You've got yourself a lovely kind mom & dad.
    Nikky - he's ADORABLE
    I love his face & his colouring .... yes you'll be busy & sometimes exhausted - puppy rearing is hard work, but the love & fun that you'll get back makes it all worthwhile.
    I'm so looking forward to seeing many more photos & reading the updates as little Morki settles into his new home.
    Sending him wags & woofs from all of us here xxxxxxxxx

  3. Hi Nikky Moki I just so cute, he is so good to Sig there while you fake these pics. He loves his duck too.interesting the site you gave me I had to go via your old site to get here.him. .
    Hugs Trish

  4. Oh Nikky, he is just so adorable. It also looks like he is quite content with his new home, where i know for sure, he will receive a lot of love and affection from his new parents......

    Looking forward to regular up dates on how he is settling in his new home......xxxxxxxxxx

  5. He's a cutie, for sure! Nothing is more loveable than a puppy! I know you will keep us updated!

  6. Nicole, I'll try this again. Posted once on Moki, but it never showed up. He is totally and completely adorable!!! Love his tongue! lol What a sweet ball of fur. Can't wait to see the next Moki update. Hugs, Geri

  7. Hi Nicole Moki is just adorable and Im sure he will bring you lots of love and pleasure just like my little Dolly (dog) does me. Our Dolly is our daughter and gets lots of privileges that earlier pets didnt get!
    Will Moki be like that too? God bless Bron from OZ

  8. What a sweetie and such a wonderful birthday present. Dogs bring so much love into a home!