Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Welcome back everyone, I have another card to share today

Hi readers,

Today I am sharing a new card I recently made, yes you guessed it, more flowers,  I used the Spellbinders Rose Creations die set S5-050 cut to make these focal point flowers. I mixed some Lumin-Art Shimmering mist with a pink re-inker color I had in my stash to make this somewhat pink-coral color and used a paper punch for the pistils and cut it in black. Some roses have 4 layers and some have only 3.  It depends on how much body you want in your flower, the more layers, the fullest generous look you will get.  The background is another Spellbinders die A2 Tranquil Moments S5-216.

The smallest flowers were made with the help of a sun shape paper punch.  I cut out a small circle off the center of the sun and twisted it in a circular motion with reverse tweezers to get a cute small flower.

I added a small lady bug on one of the left hand side leaves

Keep in mind that I always use a foam pad to form all of my flowers.  This is how you get dimension.  When I will post on how to make flowers and what you should need to make them, I will mention more about this craft.

I hope you enjoyed this new card
Have a fun day!  Thanks for visiting


  1. Just got this die in the post this morning cannot wait to use it.
    Nicole what weight paper do you use for your larger size flowers?
    Anne G

  2. What a beautiful colour .... & so much attention to detail.
    The little ladybird / bug is sooo cute ... it made me smile :0)
    I really do admire the amount of work you put into all of your flowers to create these wonderful cards.
    I notice you have the Pinterest symbol now when we scroll over your cards so we can save them more easily.
    Great idea to be able to save all your lovely photos on our Pinterest boards.
    Angela xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hey Nicole, just signed up to follow your new blog. Congratulations!, I know it is going to be great. You do such beautiful work.

  4. Nicole, your card is so pretty. I love the tiny ladybug you added to the card. Also, who would have guessed that a sun punch would make such a pretty little flower! Awesome. Geri