Monday, August 25, 2014

I am participating in a Challenge and here is my card....

Hi readers,

Today is a fun day as I get to post this card I have spent a few hours (days) making and loved the final look after I was done adding and adding lol.  Don't we all do this, you get back to your card a few minutes or hours later and, sure enough, there is more we want to change.  In fact, there is a point where we have to know, it's good enough!  There is a fine line for this type of judgment in our work, to know when to call it quits.

So here it is:

Well, this is it!  It was quite a few hours (days) in the making.  I really like the final product.  If you ever start a project like this one I can only advise you to pick a Theme that you will be able to expand on.  By that, I mean, I had a Birthday theme in mind and that wasn't enough.  I had to pick a color scheme as well as deciding if I put flowers on it, how am I going to display them without changing too much the rest of the work. 
So many things went into this project.  I hope you can see well enough, the boxes were templates that were given for the challenge.  I printed different sizes of them on pattern paper, I kept in the feminine theme by adding a fan, a little music embellishments, some glitter, I had to cut out a lot of leaves, color them with sponge daubers of 3 to 4 green colors and a rusty color to give it more dimension.  It has been so much fun.  I will have to make another one of a simpler version to save time on it.  But I am giving you the link so you can decide if you want to participate in this challenge online.  For the challenge address and template click here  Not sure if they will be posting all of the participant's cards or not.

If I may give you another tip, it is that when you make the boxes be neat in fussy cutting the boxes, or you will have to cut again on the edges if it isn't straight.  It had to look perfect when the box was put together I didn't want to see black lines sticking out.
I hope you have enjoyed it!  Thank you for visiting and signing up as a follower.  I hope to see you back here again soon


  1. Oh Nicole! I've never seen a card like this. It must have really Wow'd your hubby! It is exquisite. I have to go back and look at it many part to it, and I can't imagine the hours it took to create this beauty. Love the Eiffel tower too. Beautiful colors and composition! Hugs, Geri

  2. VOWZERS, said we were in for a wonderful surprise and you were not is just gorgeous....i love everything about it, the colours, the display. It must have taken you ages to make it too. I have never seen a card like this before,
    Thank you for the link for the competition, i shall go and have a look not that i can ever create something as gorgeous as your card, but no harm in looking, is there?? .....Rose xxxxx

  3. What a gorgeous card. Anyone would love to receive it. Not something I could make but sure fun to look at. Margexxxxx

  4. This is STUNNING !
    I really admire the work you put into each & every one of your cards, but to just call this "a card" is not giving you the credit it deserves !
    It's a work of art !
    "GOOD LUCK" with the challenge - it's a winner already in my eyes ..... Angela xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Ohhhh La La! Love it Nikky. Everything about it is beautiful!!! The second photo is terrific as you can see things very clearly. Sure looks like a winner to me too!