Sunday, August 24, 2014

Welcome to my new blog, (answered question update)

Hi Readers,  Welcome!

This is my introductory new blog's first official post!  YEY!!!!!!!!!!  You posted many comments on my old blog and the most overwhelming surprising ones by emails triggered my wanting to go ahead and create a new blog, starting from scratch for all of you faithful followers as well as the newer ones and the ones to come.  I have listened.  You wanted more flowers, more cards, more gardening photos, you got it!

Yes, you are here on my new blog, dedicated to the making of flowers, sometimes tutorials, gardening and more.

Today I am sharing a beautiful, colorful card I made with once again the use of all previously handcrafted flowers I made in June and July.  I have a few photos to show as I had to continue the blog I had started back in 2006 rolling into this one. I want to make a smooth transition and post some of the same photos I had shared with you in the previous blog posts that will stay up and running for a while longer.  So if you see "DEJA VUE" photos on here, it is for that reason. 

Just to show a few

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If you are totally new to my blogging, I admit I'm guilty of loving comments left on here when you are visiting so, always feel free to say a few word and ask questions if you have any.  I'm well aware that there are thousands of videos and tutorial photos online on how to make paper flowers, I have my own little methods too as I'm sure we all get at ease with when we have practiced and made a few tips of our own.  I am not re-inventing the wheel here, I'm just showing you what I made and sometimes give you a little bit of a photo tutorial showing different twists to make them stand out more.

In the next post I will tell you more but for now, I'm sharing this card with you and see if you will blow me out of the water with the number of comments you will leave for me.  Don't be shy, I leave so many comments everywhere I just hope to read some here as well.  Getting some love back is so amazing.  Thank you in advance!

Yet, another flower card.  This time it is a wreath (2 layers).  I have colored some pistils to add sparingly around the wreath as well as some tiny pompoms.  I have use an Ivy cuttings a friend had sent me to add more interest to the card.  Glitter was used, 1 1/2 inch silk ribbon topped the wreath card.  I use a lot of Digital paper and this was one of the papers I have in my stash. 

 I hope this is giving you some inspiration for your next Birthday card
Have fun trying

One more thing......If you ever wonder why I am going quickly with my descriptions, I am encouraging you to use the dies you already have on hand.  Any 5 petal flowers you may have will do.


The blue stamens on the card are from if you live in the USA, any craft store that sells Wilton's Cake Baking Products.  It comes in packages of 3 kinds of stamens, all in white in this case, and I give it a blue water based bath

This was fun preparing this first card for my new blog opening.  There is much more to come this week so come back and check it out.  Thank you for visiting I appreciate all of the comments on here or by email.
Have a fun week ahead!



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  2. Hi Nikky & " WELCOME " to Blogger

    I am LOVING your card -
    Beautiful flowers & in my favourite colour too !
    If you are going to be sharing how to produce something as special as this then I'll be here each time you post to ADMIRE then hopefully learn a few things too.
    How lovely to have such a nice lady on board here who is willing to share her talents with us all.
    I'm looking forward to seeing many more beautiful creations from you. Best Wishes, Angela / Chorley Cake xxxxxxxx

  3. Hi Nikky

    I love, love this gorgeous card. The flowers are so vibrant.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your creations......Rose xxxx

  4. No I didn't think it did.
    Welcome to your new blog and just love the card and your flowers are so bright and beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of your gorgeous cards and getting some inspiration from you.
    Hugs Trish.

  5. Hi Nikky, don't think my comment went through so will try again, I love the beautiful card, it's hard to believe the flowers are made from paper as they look so perfect.

  6. Hi Nicki fpllowed you to your new site, love all your flowers and other ideas, Can you tell us what you have used to make the little blue spikey flowers, they look very intricate.
    Anne G

  7. Your card is so pretty and delicate. I love your glittered and distressed edges and the bow is perfect. Thanks for the inspiration. I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations.

  8. Congratulations on your new blog Nikky! Hope that it will be very successful for you. Thank you for sharing what you do and perhaps inspiring others to be able to something similar Good luck with this new venture
    Hugs Alison

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  10. Congratulations Nikky on the new site

  11. Beautiful new blog! I'm so impressed that you made all the flowers in the header/title. So pretty. our wreath card is gorgeous. I'm anxious to see what other creations you'll be sharing. So exciting to begin a new blog. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent and creativity will all of us. Hugs, Geri N

  12. Congrats on your new blog, Nicole!!!