Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A small stamen making photo tutorial to share

Hi dear followers,

Today, I want to share how to make your own stamens from scratch.  Very few items are needed for this.  Here is the list

You will need:

Fast grab glue (dries clear)
A small quantity of paper clay (air dry) I buy white so I can dye it the color I need (best choice)
Flowersoft white wire cut in 2 inches length 
Re-inker ink (water based).  I used Memento Dandelion but use what you have on hand.

Roll a small quantity of paper clay in the palm of your hand (about an inch size ball) prepare to have enough to make dozens of stamens with this quantity of clay. 

You want to change the clay from white to yellow, add one drop of water based re-inker after pressing a hole in your formed ball.  Then close the hole and start mixing the color into the clay.  This will be messy.  It washes off nicely after the color is mixed in.  Keep your colored clay in a sealable (Ziploc) bag sealed with a damp sponge.  If not, your clay will dry quickly.  If the yellow color is not dark enough, repeat the same steps.  If you add more than a drop of ink, your clay will start decomposing sticky to your hand until it starts drying again.

Prepare a dozen of cut wires of about 2 inches length.  It is easier to make 2 stamens on the same wire, that way when you need only one, cut in the center of the wire. 

Photo shows a large sponge at the bottom of the bag.  A small plastic bowl on top, where you sit your clay in so it absorbs some humidity, no water should touch the clay.
Always leaving your clay in the Ziploc bag only pinch a small quantity at a time out of the bag.  Immediately start rolling the clay as you will see the size if it is too big, split the clay into many portions, but try and work with 2 portions at a time and leave the rest in the bag to keep it moist.

Not all stamens will come out the same size.  But the smaller the rolled ball the better. 

Final step is to add each finished ball to the end of the wire.  Push it in at least to the half point and with thumb and index, roll between fingers to smoothen up the look of it. (see picture) Add one more to the other end and repeat the steps, leave it aside to dry, I usually let them dry for an hour.  The glue will be used to put the stamen into position.  (next tutorial)

I hope that was of some help to you and the next tutorial will be of making this flower or something similar so you can use your stamens.

Tutorials are time consuming but oh so fun to prepare.  As soon as I get the flower to fit the stamens ready, I will post it here.  It would be a good idea to sign up as a follower to not miss any future posts. 

Come back soon!


  1. Wow....I never knew a person could make their own stamens. Your flowers are always so pretty, I should have known you also make the stamens. Very good tutorial. Thanks for sharing! Geri N

  2. Hi Nicole thanks for the email about your new blog address - I have managed to make a few small flowers using the spiral die from impression obsession and will send you a photo soon.All the best in your new place ! Bron from Australia.

  3. Thank you Nikky for the step by step tutorial on how to make your own stamens. Very much appreciated.....xxxx

  4. Great tutorial Nicole, really enjoying your new blog.

  5. Thank you for this - I would never of thought of adding a damp sponge to keep the clay moist ! DUH ! Such a simple thing but if you don't you're clay is spoiled. It's often the little tips that I appreciate too :0) xxxxxxxx