Friday, March 20, 2015

Another photo of Moki

Hi friends and visitors,

Today I am just going to post a few photos of Moki since I have had a few requests from Moki's fans to see another photo of him so here he is:

He was just at the groomer last weekend, his fur was so so long he looked like a live mop.  So we had to take him in again.  Next trim will be next to his skin as it is warming up quickly here in the Southwest of the USA.

He always seems to take pride in posing for me.  After getting to know that while I'm moving my other arm to get his attention to see different angles when I take shots and it is fun to do.
As I said earlier in a previous post, he is 100% house trained but can still have accidents.  So today was the case.  So I hope it was just that, an accident because he didn't want to go outside to get wet in the rain.  Hubby is preparing to make a roof for him outside of his doggie door so when it rains or snows, he can go and if he chooses not to get wet, he will have that option.
On the card making subject I can tell you that I have made a fresh bouquet of flowers on a large pot (stamp).  I will post it today or tomorrow or as soon as I get the chance to take a decent photo.  It is so cloudy here today that each photo I take, looks under the weather, literally.
I have been making so many items in the flower making department.  I have experimented on daisy centers, I used some cold porcelain clay (home made) used a mold that gives me a realistic look.  I was so thrilled to see that all the work paid off.  I will prepare a tutorial for it.  Yes you can also use paper clay if you prefer to use this medium instead of the porcelain clay.


  1. Test. Let's see if this one goes thru before I write again. Geri

  2. Yipppeee! A Moki update and photos. He's still as handsome as ever. Glad to hear he's housebroken. That's always a relief, yes? Can't wait to see your post on your new flowers. Always something to look forward to. Happy weekend, and thanks for the Moki update and pics. Hugs, Geri

  3. Ohhh Moki ! You are sooooo handsome :0)
    My yorkie girls would LOVE you !!!!
    His coat has changed a LOT since he was a puppy, he's a beautiful colour & has such a cute face.
    The accidents are just a hiccup - he's still learning - our two hate going out in the rain too but they don't have much choice living in the UK, neither do they have the luxury of a roof so it's cross your legs or get wet outside here .... :0)
    Looking forward to seeing the flower card xxxxxx

  4. Oh Nikky, he is growing handsome by the day.....his fur has lightened quite a lot since we last saw him. It is wonderful seeing the latest Moki, all groomed and happy.....Thank you for the latest photos.....xxxxxx