Sunday, March 1, 2015

A card to share....

Hi Friends,

Today I have a card to share.  I hope you enjoy it.  All of the flowers were handmade from cardstock.  White Whisper and Very Vanilla by Stampin' Up was used for this card.

Claudette die cut (Poppystamp) for the frame which I have folded in half twice for two separate pieces for each white and gold.   So when put together, it made a full square with a dimensional look.  Some gold (not mirrored) cardstock was also used on the first layer of the card as well as the sentiment.

Some seam binding in off white for a double bow was used on the corner of the card.  All other flowers came from dies of many brands. 

On my other favorite topic, I have a picture of Moki at almost 8 months old now.  He is a big boy now.  Yes, indeed, his house training is over.  Yes there will be a few accidents along the way but nothing like it was for the last 3 weeks.  Phew!!!!!!  He sure was able to test my patience until there was none left and wouldn't you know it, when I was starting to think he was too much to handle LOL, he suddenly got it.  It was almost as if I could see through his little brain, saying: "You better get it, Mom is really ticked off now" LOL.  I love my Moki to pieces, but I think if I ever get another dog, it will be adopted and known to be house trained.  You see me so happy to be 98% done with this training session.

8 months old here

A little note on cage training.  I have been suggested from the beginning to cage train Moki.  I was given many tricks and many reasons why it would be much better and faster to get him house trained.  I will reply this, I have tried to do so but he is crying loudly the second I close the door shut.  I have tried many times and the same thing happens. 

When I received Moki he was in his cage, being in there for 12 hours and was covered with his own wee, he was shaking from being so wet and cold.  The water in his cage had fallen all over the paper he had to sit on.  So when we saw him at first, he was clinging to the cage door, trying not to touch the bottom because it was all wet.  This memory I am sure, is very much in his little head from that day flying all the way here. So because of that, we chose to go the long route to get him house trained.  We since then have been feeding him his favorite meals in his cage to let him know that good things happen when he goes in his cage.  Just as long as we don't close it shut.

My making cards lately has been a challenge for me as I had Moki always requiring surveillance around the house (between gates) as we had prepared his doggy door for his use so we had to change the training to show him that he is able to go outside now whenever he wants to.  He was afraid of the door flap for over a month but he finally came to realize that it is not putting him into any danger.  He needed me to stay by the door up until last week so he felt secure going outside on his own.  Then one day we were enjoying our coffee when suddenly we heard the door flap, as he went outside on his own so we treated him with praises and treats so he would want to continue on.

So this phase is now over and yes you guessed it, we are so happy it's over.  Now we concentrate more on our daily living as I'm gaining more hours to possibly make cards soon.  Moki has a seat next to me at my height so he can sit there and be happy.  He is almost attached to my hip hee hee

Ok, so back to my work I go, now that I shared my latest news, I can move on to other fun things and focus more on some cards.  This is my favorite season of all, time when I try to make more flowers for my cards.  So I better get busy for more.

Have a pleasant day everyone.  Thanks for dropping in and for your patience.

I hope you had fun visiting and hope to see you all soon.  Another card will be posted soon.  But first, I will have a photo tutorial on how to make another flower.  No card made as of yet with this flower.  I will tell you that if you have Martha Stewart's Hydrangea large punch you will be able to make this flower.  See you soon!



  1. Beautiful card as always Nicole, and so glad Moki is making such progress. All the work is worth it, but I know you must be most anxious to get back to some serious flower and card making. I will me anxiously awaiting your next post.

  2. I really do admire your skills with the flower making Nikky, they always look so pretty on your cards.

    WOW - how Moki has grown ! And isn't he just the cutest little dog ? He's a lovely colour & has such an adorable face.
    Wasn't he worth all the hard work ? YES of course he was ... he's fabulous !!! and now that he's figured out how to go outside you can start to relax knowing that your home is once again free from any puddles & unwanted extras !!! All part of learning / training .... we get there in the end :0)
    WELL DONE MOKI & WELL DONE NIKKY on the successful training programme. I don't advise cage training either - neither of our dogs want to be locked inside a cage & is it any wonder that Moki doesn't after being transported in one. All behind him now, he's got a lovely home & lovely, caring owners. xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hi, just logged on to find a nice surprise...two actually. Flowers and Moki! He sure has grown, and has become a very handsome young man....or doggie! The flowers are gorgeous as always. I also love the roses(?) behind the flowers you did your tutorial on. They are lovely. Glad you're done with dog training, and congrats to Moki too. :o) Thanks for a wonderful tutorial. Have a good weekend. Hi to Mark. Hugs, Geri

  4. ps...opps, forgot to comment on your beautiful card. Love the array of flowers you made for this card. Awesome! Hugs, Geri