Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Feels like I'm on a roll.....another Tutorial for you

Hi Friends and, followers

Today while I have a chance and not too much pending on my studio table I better share with you this nice little flower so easy to make and yet so pleasing to the eyes on a card.  I will eventually use it on a card but what mattered to me most, today, was to show you how to make it so you too can get ahead and make some in preparation for a beautiful card as well.

Because I have time to make my own flowers, I sure value the look of my own flowers and can't bring myself to buy anything looking like a flower anymore.  So, if you have enough time to try my tutorials, well, I'm happy you can save $$$ by making your own.   Once I make a flower, I make a few dozens at a time.  It's much simpler to make more while everything is already out.  So when you get busy at making something, why not making more so at a later date, you will have some on hand, that is when I'm proud of myself to have made more.  Time saver for sure.

I was asked:  How do you store all of your flowers if you make dozens at a time?  Answer:  I buy the bead containers at the Craft Store  (Hobby Lobby) it currently sells for $1.99 a box.  6 x 3 but one compartment is taking 2 spaces so you have 17 spaces to add flowers of all colors, if you make daisies, you can add 16 colors and sizes, and the longer space can be used to add the leaves you will use for the daisies.  See photo below

Here are the photos:

List of items needed for this project
*Water spray bottle;
*re-inker (old ones you don't use much of is perfect) for paper bath
(Do not add more water than needed.  re-inkers re usually not that concentrated of a color.  This is why I use whenever I want bright colors, ink jet inks, small container for ink bath;
*stamens, (porcelain clay made if you have it) or use paper clay;
*A paper punch that has 5 petals (doesn't have to be the same I used);
*Fast grab glue;
*Tools:  Foam pad, stylus tool 5mm, reverse tweezers;
I used Very Vanilla SU Cardstock, but any off white card stock is fine.  Unless you want to start with a colored cardstock.
Note:  If you want to use colored paper, then you can just go ahead and skip the color dying all together.
 I punched about 2 dozens of my 5 petal flower
If you are going to use the bathing stage, make sure your color is well mixed but don't add too much water at once.  Try your color on a piece of scrap paper until desired color is obtained.  Wet your flower first then bathe with the help of your reverse tweezers as per seen on photo above.  Set aside on paper towel and let it dry.  I use my heat tool to save time.
This flower only has 2 layers

 I first form all petals of my flower seen on top left, then on reverse side of the flower, I press down in the center as per seen on above right hand side

 Next, I take the second layer and gently form all the petals as per seen on top left.  Always on same side, apply pressure in the center.  As per seen on the right.
 Next, with your thumbs and index fingers, gently bring all the petals together to form a bud as per shown on top left.  Apply glue to the bottom layer as seen on top right.  Fix the bud piece on top of the glue, with the help of the stylus press inside the bud to make sure it is in the right position and also centered.
 Finally, add glue into the bottom of the bud (top left) and, insert the stamens into place, you may have to use your tweezers to help you out.  Press the stamens down into the glue, this glue dries clear.  Shape the bud so it looks half shut not too wide.

I have made some in green to see if I would like the look and, I do!
The glue will dry to only reveal the stamens in the center.  The stamens can also be made in varieties of colors.  Remember, you are the boss, if you want them purple, by all means, purple it will be. 
Note:  The stamens are easy to make.  Either with paper clay or as talked about in my previous tutorial, I used some cold porcelain clay (my favorite) see the links I provided for the recipes.  I roll 3 tiny balls of clay and stick them together, it will dry together no need to add glue.  Make sure all the tiny balls are put together as you go.  The sooner, the better adherence you will get.
Question often asked:  Since you are making so many flowers at once, what system do you use to keep them all organized?  Answer:  I use a bead container (Hobby Lobby store) $1.99 each, it has 17 spots to add different colors or even sizes.  I have taken a few photos of one of my containers called "Daisies" See photos below.
You can see through from all directions.  I have more than a dozen and stores very nicely.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  It was fun making it.
Enjoy your week,


  1. Another wonderful, informative tutorial .... changing the colour of these really creates a different look, seeing them in green made me think of a lily pad - really pretty in either colour though.
    I really appreciate the time you are taking to show us how you make all of your lovely flowers :0) Great storage idea too :0)

  2. Wonderful tutorial, Nicole! You make it look so easy, but I know it takes lots and lots of practice to get as good as you are. Neat little storage box to keep your flowers in good shape. You must be getting anxious to get outside to your beautiful garden. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for sharing! Hugs, Geri

  3. Super cute flower, I really like this one. I am going to have to try it. Thank you for all you do and the instructions you provide. You really help a lot. Always anticipating your next creation.

  4. Super cute flower, I really like this one. I am going to have to try it. Thank you for all you do and the instructions you provide. You really help a lot. Always anticipating your next creation.