Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My first photo share of Polymer clay work

Hi Blogger friends,

I am not only happy with my newly (added) found passion but, excited to show you some of what I have made thus far that I can show and makes sense.  I will have some finished products to show at a later date and some cards from time to time.  I will continue to blog, but with low expectations.  Welcome all lurkers LOL

Here is the only photo for today. 

You see, if you are not a polymer fan yet, once you start it is hard to stop.  If you are a beginner and you watch the Fantastic You Tube videos on Polymer Clay you quickly realize that in order to make beautiful pieces, you have to have many colors of canes with lines, and some not, etc...  The second realization is that, you want to learn as quickly as possible, as many techniques as you can possibly get a handle on.  The confidence comes as you see your work take shape.  I am just a beginner and I could make flowers and a new butterfly cane. Harder projects to master.  If we consider the work with number from 1 to 5, 5 being the most difficult, the butterfly cane (which isn't reduced yet) is a 4 to me.  A flower cane is a 3.

This world of Polymer Clay is a door I re-opened after being away from it for 7 years.  But I am doing better than 7 years ago now (I was just making simple cane rolls, nothing complicated then).  All is coming back to me and therefore remember the little tricks to make working with this medium a lot easier. 

There are thousands of Blogs out there on the Polymer clay this and that.  If you just search Polymer Clay on Pinterest WOW you will get so much to inspire you by.  My preference is jewelry myself.  I too have a getting larger every day Pinterest board called (Polymer clay this and that) I also have many videos to get you wanting to start making your own little Art pieces.

There are more card postings coming as well.  I will also share some of Linda's cards as time goes on, I enjoy her work as well so we can continue to inspire our loyal visitors and commenters.  You are all so much appreciated, as all bloggers know themselves that one comment left means the world to us.  I don't look for them but when one pops up I smile and feel I may have made someone smile!

Happy Day to you all

Friday, June 17, 2016

Hi Blog reader friends

Hi friends,

Just to let you know that I am feeling much better after visiting many Doctors and yet have more visits to come.  But I am happy to report, I am feeling so much better.

Since my neck epidural procedure, I have started to play with Polymer clay, attempting to make jewelry, to be more precise; Pendants, and bracelets thus far.  But if you are wondering if I am still making cards, the answer is yes.  I am making cards but not as many as I used to.

I have somewhat lost interest in blogging is ply because I am sure other blogs are more interesting to visit and comment on.  I understand that, but it sure had a way to diminish my interest in sharing my latest creations.  I will post again, but I will see if there is more attention to my blog to decide if it is worth continuing it.

I know who are always commenting to my blog posts and I thank you for it.  So please continue to show support and perhaps if you or other visitor are signing up as followers I will get back to where I was a few years ago.  Many fans, that is.

So have a nice day.  I will post soon either Polymer clay attempts or cards.  As I mentioned, I am starting this craft and am practicing every day.  I will post a card as soon as I have one to share.

Smilitary away,
take good care my friends and followers,
thank you for your patience and loyalty.