Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rainy days brings another card design...

Dear Friends,

Today I woke up with a card design on my mind.  The kind that I love to put on paper right away.  So after taking my coffee to my studio, I already had a paper I loved printed ahead of time so, I guess the pattern stayed with me through the night, enough so, when I woke up today, I could see the card done but made a few changes to it for the better while my eyes were open lol.

I wanted to take a few lines to speak about "Alzheimer disease" that just took one of my favorite Aunts away from us a few days ago.  Aunt Dora had been one favorite Aunt of mine, she had this really quirky sense of humor and yet she always sounded so well put together, she was a Mom of 10 children, so who wouldn't develop some sense of humor, right?  She loved traveling to see all Catholic churches around the world and she had seen most of the known historic ones that I know of.  That and many more attributes made her special to me although we didn't see her much unless we were vacationing as kids in her town or coming for a visit much later in her life until the disease took her independence away.  So God bless you dear Aunt Dora, she is in a much better place now as she had to live through the full extent of the disease for more than 7 years.  I can only wish for a cure and may God bless all family members who had to live through it all and people out there seeing loved ones die early on while the disease takes away the person you love so dearly.  Bless them too! Thank you for reading.

So today's card is here:
The vine with swirls die is by Joanna Sheen's collection only sold on her website.  The roses were made with My Favorite Things rose die, leaves from my older die stash sorry no name for you, I/O Sprigs, Cala lily made from scratch with paper clay stamens,soft wire for pig tails, corner die is by Tattered Lace.  The mini foam embellishments were taken from artificial plants we find at Michael's Craft store called "Full Bushes" sold in various colors.  I had actually purchased this to use on some of my cards.  Stardust stickles by Rangers and the paper I used was from my digital stash.

 Since I had my flowers already made in advance it took little time to complete this card.  Sometimes quick cards end up being a favorite in my cumulative bin of special cards.

I hope you enjoyed today's share and thanks for visiting
Have a lovely day, make it count!


  1. How sad ... so sorry to read about your much loved Aunt Nikky.
    It's a cruel disease taking a person's memory of life, so let's hope she has gone to a better place.
    On a brighter note - I can't think of a better reason than rain to stay indoors & make a card ! And this latest one is beautiful ... all those lovely handmade flowers ... STUNNING xxxxxx

  2. It is very, very sad reading this blog today about your Aunt Dora, Nikky. It is an awful disease that takes a person's memory away, so here is hoping that they do find a cure for it soon. She is in a better place now and you and all your family have our deepest condolences.......xxxx

    What a lovely creation to make on a rainy day. Your card is beautiful and i love all those gorgeous hand made

  3. Alzheimer's is a horrible disease. My mother suffered from this and and it was nearly unbearable to witness the devastation that this disease causes people. When death finally came to my mother it was almost a relief to end her suffering. There were days she would completely let go of the real world and just enjoy wherever her mind was taking her, but those days didn't happen often. Most days she was always struggle to "remember" to be and do the things she once was and did. Those were the toughest days, seeing her struggle to make sense of it all. I am sorry for the loss of your dear Aunt, but you are right, she is in a much better place. I wish I had known your Aunt Dora, Iove her adventure of going to all the Catholic Churches. I too am on a similar journey, to photograph and scrapbook as many of the places that are listed on the National Register of historic places.

    Your card is beautiful. This one is very elegant. I love the inclusion of the calla lillies, and I am a pushover for the tattered lace (and other company's) corner dies, I really like them for my cards and my scrapbook pages.

  4. Sorry to hear about your lovely aunt, it is such a cruel disease. Your card is beautiful and the arrangement of flowers is really lovely.

  5. Nicole, So sorry to hear of your Aunt Dora's passing. Yes, it is a horrible disease, and we watched my grandma struggle with Alzheimer's for many years, until it finally took her life. We pray that there will be a cure some day. Thanks for sharing this beautiful card. Love the little pig tails, flowers and composition. Really lovely. Hugs, Geri