Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Feels like I'm on a roll.....another Tutorial for you

Hi Friends and, followers

Today while I have a chance and not too much pending on my studio table I better share with you this nice little flower so easy to make and yet so pleasing to the eyes on a card.  I will eventually use it on a card but what mattered to me most, today, was to show you how to make it so you too can get ahead and make some in preparation for a beautiful card as well.

Because I have time to make my own flowers, I sure value the look of my own flowers and can't bring myself to buy anything looking like a flower anymore.  So, if you have enough time to try my tutorials, well, I'm happy you can save $$$ by making your own.   Once I make a flower, I make a few dozens at a time.  It's much simpler to make more while everything is already out.  So when you get busy at making something, why not making more so at a later date, you will have some on hand, that is when I'm proud of myself to have made more.  Time saver for sure.

I was asked:  How do you store all of your flowers if you make dozens at a time?  Answer:  I buy the bead containers at the Craft Store  (Hobby Lobby) it currently sells for $1.99 a box.  6 x 3 but one compartment is taking 2 spaces so you have 17 spaces to add flowers of all colors, if you make daisies, you can add 16 colors and sizes, and the longer space can be used to add the leaves you will use for the daisies.  See photo below

Here are the photos:

List of items needed for this project
*Water spray bottle;
*re-inker (old ones you don't use much of is perfect) for paper bath
(Do not add more water than needed.  re-inkers re usually not that concentrated of a color.  This is why I use whenever I want bright colors, ink jet inks, small container for ink bath;
*stamens, (porcelain clay made if you have it) or use paper clay;
*A paper punch that has 5 petals (doesn't have to be the same I used);
*Fast grab glue;
*Tools:  Foam pad, stylus tool 5mm, reverse tweezers;
I used Very Vanilla SU Cardstock, but any off white card stock is fine.  Unless you want to start with a colored cardstock.
Note:  If you want to use colored paper, then you can just go ahead and skip the color dying all together.
 I punched about 2 dozens of my 5 petal flower
If you are going to use the bathing stage, make sure your color is well mixed but don't add too much water at once.  Try your color on a piece of scrap paper until desired color is obtained.  Wet your flower first then bathe with the help of your reverse tweezers as per seen on photo above.  Set aside on paper towel and let it dry.  I use my heat tool to save time.
This flower only has 2 layers

 I first form all petals of my flower seen on top left, then on reverse side of the flower, I press down in the center as per seen on above right hand side

 Next, I take the second layer and gently form all the petals as per seen on top left.  Always on same side, apply pressure in the center.  As per seen on the right.
 Next, with your thumbs and index fingers, gently bring all the petals together to form a bud as per shown on top left.  Apply glue to the bottom layer as seen on top right.  Fix the bud piece on top of the glue, with the help of the stylus press inside the bud to make sure it is in the right position and also centered.
 Finally, add glue into the bottom of the bud (top left) and, insert the stamens into place, you may have to use your tweezers to help you out.  Press the stamens down into the glue, this glue dries clear.  Shape the bud so it looks half shut not too wide.

I have made some in green to see if I would like the look and, I do!
The glue will dry to only reveal the stamens in the center.  The stamens can also be made in varieties of colors.  Remember, you are the boss, if you want them purple, by all means, purple it will be. 
Note:  The stamens are easy to make.  Either with paper clay or as talked about in my previous tutorial, I used some cold porcelain clay (my favorite) see the links I provided for the recipes.  I roll 3 tiny balls of clay and stick them together, it will dry together no need to add glue.  Make sure all the tiny balls are put together as you go.  The sooner, the better adherence you will get.
Question often asked:  Since you are making so many flowers at once, what system do you use to keep them all organized?  Answer:  I use a bead container (Hobby Lobby store) $1.99 each, it has 17 spots to add different colors or even sizes.  I have taken a few photos of one of my containers called "Daisies" See photos below.
You can see through from all directions.  I have more than a dozen and stores very nicely.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  It was fun making it.
Enjoy your week,

Monday, March 23, 2015

Using cold porcelain clay or paper clay for daisy center

Hi Friends, and followers,

Today I'm here to share a quick tutorial I had promised.  If you refer to my previous post, I have posted a bouquet of flower card.  Some of the daisies on this bouquet were made with this clay.

For this project you will need (paper clay) or (cold handmade porcelain clay).

The following is describing the difference between the two clays.  Paper versus Porcelain.  I like them both, though I have a preference when it comes to the quality of the finished product with porcelain clay.

Paper clay:  This clay is terrific to use for small projects you need at a fast drying time.  Generally speaking, this clay is sold in White or if you go in the children section you can find it in different colors in the Brand CRAYOLA.  Personally. I much prefer white because I can die it with my paint or re-inkers if needed.  If too big, your project can warp slightly throughout the drying time. 

Porcelain clay:  "I love this one".  Porcelain clay is known to be the best quality of quick to dry clays as it has more of a transparent dried finished look once dried.  It becomes really hard.  This clay can easily be died in any color you desire.  Inks, acrylics, Copic markers or any alcohol based markers.  Always keep in mind that it dries quickly so only use a small quantity at a time and leave the rest in a very well (wrapped in plastic wrap) and in a tightly sealed jar, until more is needed.  If not, it will dry out quickly and consider your clay wasted.  Mine has been set aside that way, so far, 6 months later, it's like if I had freshly made it today.

TIP for both clays:  When using small quantities of clay between use, store under an upside down drinking see through glass.  It will prevent the clay from drying too quickly. 

I use the cold porcelain clay recipe I found online.  I found mine on Pinterest.  https://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=cold%20porcelain%20clay%20how%20to  that takes you to multiple recipes choices to choose from.  My choice was this site as I really like the way she was showing step by step and more.  For those who don't go on Pinterest here is the link for the one I chose to use.  http://www.puffylittlethings.com/homemade-cold-porcelain-clay/  Make sure once you dedicate them to clay it will never be used again for kitchen food preparation.  It will from now on, be called, your clay tools.

Here are my Tutorial photos with some details:

This mold that I am using is purchased in the Wilton's cake baking department at Michael's or Hobby Lobby.  It is also sold on Amazon.
I only arrowed 3 out of the 5 stamen molds I use because these are the ones I use the most. 

This photo shows you different sizes and textures this mold offers, all the way to the finished product.  Tim Holtz ink pads with sponge daubers are used to color the stamens. 

I added 2 daisies to show you what it looks like when the stamen was added with a small dab of glue to hold it into place until completely dried.

This photo illustrates my making a stamen on the smallest mold, by adding some baby powder to the mold with a paint brush, I use a needle tool to remove it.  Since I had added some powder it should come out easily.  If not, start over.

This photo shows you the stamens has been removed from the mold.  I then form the stamen gently once it is on a flat surface.  At this stage if you want more texture, take the needle tool and add more little holes to the edges.

This last photo shows you a variety of sizes I have made for the demo
P.S.:  There are so many recipes of cold porcelain clay out there, one can truly experiment a few of them to see which one is feeling and working the best for the work you need done with it.  Let me know if you prefer another recipe than the one I linked you to today.

I hope this tutorial was very instructive to you or perhaps you want to explore the world of porcelain clay to make so many cute little things.  I also love to make small strawberries, banana slices, blueberries, kiwi slices, etc....to add to cards or gift tags that could be embellished by them.  The world of clay is one I re-visit time and time again.  I think it is fun and if you have had a stressful day, have a seat and play, I can almost promise your worries will turn into relaxation time.

Have fun, I always have one recipe of cold porcelain clay ready to use when it calls for it.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial as much as I have enjoyed putting it together for you.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Bouquet for a Birthday!

Hi friends and followers,

Today I have a card to share with you.  As you know I have been for a while now, making different flowers or different size as well as different colors.  The latest of the tutorials I had shared with you, some of you had asked me to show them a card made with the flowers showed in the tutorial in question.  So today this bouquet of flowers is containing a few of these flowers as I was using them as fillers.

So here is the card with a few instructions along the way:

I made it to the measurements 5.5 x 5.5 inches
Cuttlebug Embossing Folder by Anna Griffin - Poppy
Happy Birthday, Butterfly stamp in stash.  Gathering basket stamp by Stamps by Judith 0-96.  www.stampsbyjudith.com
All inks used were if the Distress ink Tim Holtz Collection.  I stamped the basket with Memento black.
The flowers you see on this card had been made over time so I can't just say it is something that took me an hour to make if I calculate the time it took me to make all of them.  Once I got the look I wanted, it was time to glue it all in place.  The last flower tutorial I had made with the Hydrangea, you will see it in the bouquet on top or bottom of the bouquet.

 A flat view
A standing side view
 Getting you a little closer
In the 3 central daisies you can see the center of the daisies, this is what I am trying to make a tutorial for.  A simple tutorial, enough to show how easy this is to make.  So come back soon as this is the next tutorial to show you. 
Thank you for your comments emails or on here, all of them means so much to me.  A warm thank you.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Another photo of Moki

Hi friends and visitors,

Today I am just going to post a few photos of Moki since I have had a few requests from Moki's fans to see another photo of him so here he is:

He was just at the groomer last weekend, his fur was so so long he looked like a live mop.  So we had to take him in again.  Next trim will be next to his skin as it is warming up quickly here in the Southwest of the USA.

He always seems to take pride in posing for me.  After getting to know that while I'm moving my other arm to get his attention to see different angles when I take shots and it is fun to do.
As I said earlier in a previous post, he is 100% house trained but can still have accidents.  So today was the case.  So I hope it was just that, an accident because he didn't want to go outside to get wet in the rain.  Hubby is preparing to make a roof for him outside of his doggie door so when it rains or snows, he can go and if he chooses not to get wet, he will have that option.
On the card making subject I can tell you that I have made a fresh bouquet of flowers on a large pot (stamp).  I will post it today or tomorrow or as soon as I get the chance to take a decent photo.  It is so cloudy here today that each photo I take, looks under the weather, literally.
I have been making so many items in the flower making department.  I have experimented on daisy centers, I used some cold porcelain clay (home made) used a mold that gives me a realistic look.  I was so thrilled to see that all the work paid off.  I will prepare a tutorial for it.  Yes you can also use paper clay if you prefer to use this medium instead of the porcelain clay.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Back now, A card with a heart

Hi Friends,

Today, I am back to share my card with a heart which was easy to make with friends.  I will tell you how I made it after I post the photos of it.

I hope all is well and for those who had Mother's Day in Europe and Australia had a good one.  Here it is celebrated on May the 10th this year.

Here is the card I am sharing with you today:

Card size 5.5 in X 5.5 inch, I used 2 cut doilies by Cheery Lynn Designs for this.  All layers of doilies will be on foam dimensional.  The roses I made with the spiral roses by Impression Obsession
You will need of course white cardstock, Rose red Memento ink (or favorite ink brand you already have) half pearls, 3 handmade roses or purchased, leaves, a favorite embossing folder you already have but has to be large enough to layer the 5.5 inch square card base.  I used for the heart was my handmade paper from my scrap pieces of paper I usually recycle that way.  Or use paper you have that is pleasing for this card.   
I tinted the cheesecloth simply by adding a few drops of re-inker dandelion color in Memento and water (just a small ink/water bath as you only need 1 ounce to dip the cheesecloth in for the coloring).  I wet the cheesecloth first with water and then put it into the ink solution for a few seconds, then I remove the excess ink/water, unfold and set aside to dry.
Sometime this year, if I get all my organizing done (eventually), I will have a class here (more details later), just for local people, but for those of you who can't join us, there is a link below for lessons. Please take note that if you are into paper making you will need to keep all your scrap paper (recycling).  I normally use the scrap cardstock for it.  If you have pattern paper, or paper from the printer, this can be set aside separately.  No wax paper.  Make sure it is all paper.  If you have a Goodwill store near you check regularly if they have a electric blender dedicated to just paper making or for crafts in general, so you don't want to pay much for it. 
Visit: https://arnoldgrummer.com/ this is the site you can find all you need for paper making.  I have his books, techniques, what to use and they sell fibers, papermill, you will need to make your own paper.  You can also buy his products on Amazon as well.
Note:  I will be taking photos on the paper making at the time.  We all develop techniques that works for each of us by practicing eventually. 
Back to the card instructions now:

I used my Spellbinder heart die cut to start with my heart paper shape.  I used half of one cotton ball to stuff the heart with.  Then fast grab glue is applied around the heart (making sure the glue doesn't touch the cotton or it will soak in the glue and disable the sticking the back to a piece of paper in the same shape.
Once your edges are all glued in, with the help of your thumbnail or a bone folder, trace a line away from the edge of the paper, but remember it is handmade paper and it is fragile when slightly wet.  So go gently around the edges.  Then, ink up the edges as you see on the photo.  If you want a vintage look you can also paint with some Gesso around the edge, on top of your inking.  Next, the final step is to apply your cheesecloth strips (I used 3 strips of about 6 inches long by 1.5 inch each to add to the back of the heart with glue and gathering the cloth as you go I began at the indentation of the heart.  Trimmed after all strips were glued on and in position, use another piece of paper to cover and secure the cloth at the back.  Now you are ready to add your flowers.
For a fancier look, I added some Stickles (diamond) by Rangers, at random around the cheesecloth, tip of roses, around the heart edge and inside the heart barely touching the heart or cloth so it is very subtle.
I hope you see that this is easily made and if you feel laborious make a few ahead of time so when you need another special card made in a hurry you can quickly make another one. 
I have been making so many flowers and stamens with the help of either paper clay or my favorite (handmade porcelain clay) so I can continue to make flowers with stamens.  So a card should be shared soon. 
Have a fun week

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hydrangea punch made this flower, a photo tutorial is included

Hi Friends, and Happy St-Patricks Day!

As promised I have another flower to share today.  It started from a Martha Stewart hydrangea punch which I had been wanting to experiment some more with coloring my paper to get a Vintage look.

(Note:  I make my flowers from many different weight of paper and cardstock.  Most times my cardstock of choice to make flowers will be of Very Vanilla by SU which I wet completely (both sides) before gently crushing the whole sheet.  Then I stretch back open gently and leave to dry.  I then use my Ebosser cutting machine to flatten back up the whole sheet.  If you don't have a full size machine to do this step, simply bend in half you sheet and pass it through your machine.  Bend more if you have a Cuttlebug.)
Here is a photo of what you will need to help you create this flower.  Or use tools that has been used in the passed that didn't require you to purchase anything extra.  Distress ink  (Peeled Paint) will be needed.  Also add some fast grab glue and a reverse pair of tweezers to the tools.
Step 1
Find a stamp that can be used to make a stamen look to the middle of your flower.  Stamp in center with Memento ink so the ink won't smudge using water on it.
Step 2
With the help of a sponge or finger dauber, ink up the edge of the flower with Distress ink, also do the back adding color to the tips only.  The back can be seen once the flower is all shaped, so this is why I color the back as well.
Step 3

With a spray water bottle soak the flower on a paper towel.
Step 4
This is what your flower should look like after folding it in half, two petals meeting and then bending again so you only have one petal.  Press gently to give the flower some creases or imperfections.  Re-open the flower gently, lay it flat on your paper towel surface and gently dab with Peeled Paint Distress Ink in the center of the flower.  We are not looking for too dark.
Step 5
Go ahead and form your petals after the flower is completely dry.  (I use my heat tool to speed up the process).  On wrong side up, use stylus to cup all of your petals.  For the center, turn the flower the right side up and with a larger end stylus press down on the foam pad to see your flower come to life.  The middle should be lower than the petals at this point.
Step 6

Gently pierce the center of the flower with the help of the foam pad.  Remove tool and use reverse tweezers to widen up the hole, but just be gentle, the hole should not be too big or your flower will come apart.
This hole is made to accommodate your stamens, so be gentle.

See photo below.  Now you have a hole and the flower still has its shape.  We want to keep the flower's shape as intact as possible.

My stamens I had on hand were all white, so I improvised, I used some Memento re-inker with a paint brush I painted all of the stamen tips as per seen on the photo above.  It dried quickly.  Then I slipped the stamen through the flower hole starting from the top of the flower, sliding it all gently until the stamens are touching the flower in the center.  I then apply some fast grab glue at the base of the flower, the under side of it so it will not slip or move.
Step 7
There it is.  The finish product. 

You can see I made several colors of them.  In this finished flower you see on Step 7 there is still some glue that hasn't dried yet.  But it is showing that I had to add one more stamen tip in there because it always looks better in odd numbers.  Adding another two would have NOT gone through the hole anyway.  So it was just as easy to add just the tip of the stamen for a fuller look.  This one flower I have used for the demo, doesn't have the blue in the back so depending on the angle you are using the flower on a box or a card later on, it could show the back.  I prefer playing it safe and see the color on top and on the bottom.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.  I am not an expert at making them, but I try to include all the steps for an easier time and great experience.  We were the two of us making approx. 75 to 100 of them in an array of colors pleasing for card making.  Go ahead, try it!
Next share will be a card.  It has a heart, made out of my own hand made paper, cheesecloth, pearls...  So come back soon to see what I made recently.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

A card to share....

Hi Friends,

Today I have a card to share.  I hope you enjoy it.  All of the flowers were handmade from cardstock.  White Whisper and Very Vanilla by Stampin' Up was used for this card.

Claudette die cut (Poppystamp) for the frame which I have folded in half twice for two separate pieces for each white and gold.   So when put together, it made a full square with a dimensional look.  Some gold (not mirrored) cardstock was also used on the first layer of the card as well as the sentiment.

Some seam binding in off white for a double bow was used on the corner of the card.  All other flowers came from dies of many brands. 

On my other favorite topic, I have a picture of Moki at almost 8 months old now.  He is a big boy now.  Yes, indeed, his house training is over.  Yes there will be a few accidents along the way but nothing like it was for the last 3 weeks.  Phew!!!!!!  He sure was able to test my patience until there was none left and wouldn't you know it, when I was starting to think he was too much to handle LOL, he suddenly got it.  It was almost as if I could see through his little brain, saying: "You better get it, Mom is really ticked off now" LOL.  I love my Moki to pieces, but I think if I ever get another dog, it will be adopted and known to be house trained.  You see me so happy to be 98% done with this training session.

8 months old here

A little note on cage training.  I have been suggested from the beginning to cage train Moki.  I was given many tricks and many reasons why it would be much better and faster to get him house trained.  I will reply this, I have tried to do so but he is crying loudly the second I close the door shut.  I have tried many times and the same thing happens. 

When I received Moki he was in his cage, being in there for 12 hours and was covered with his own wee, he was shaking from being so wet and cold.  The water in his cage had fallen all over the paper he had to sit on.  So when we saw him at first, he was clinging to the cage door, trying not to touch the bottom because it was all wet.  This memory I am sure, is very much in his little head from that day flying all the way here. So because of that, we chose to go the long route to get him house trained.  We since then have been feeding him his favorite meals in his cage to let him know that good things happen when he goes in his cage.  Just as long as we don't close it shut.

My making cards lately has been a challenge for me as I had Moki always requiring surveillance around the house (between gates) as we had prepared his doggy door for his use so we had to change the training to show him that he is able to go outside now whenever he wants to.  He was afraid of the door flap for over a month but he finally came to realize that it is not putting him into any danger.  He needed me to stay by the door up until last week so he felt secure going outside on his own.  Then one day we were enjoying our coffee when suddenly we heard the door flap, as he went outside on his own so we treated him with praises and treats so he would want to continue on.

So this phase is now over and yes you guessed it, we are so happy it's over.  Now we concentrate more on our daily living as I'm gaining more hours to possibly make cards soon.  Moki has a seat next to me at my height so he can sit there and be happy.  He is almost attached to my hip hee hee

Ok, so back to my work I go, now that I shared my latest news, I can move on to other fun things and focus more on some cards.  This is my favorite season of all, time when I try to make more flowers for my cards.  So I better get busy for more.

Have a pleasant day everyone.  Thanks for dropping in and for your patience.

I hope you had fun visiting and hope to see you all soon.  Another card will be posted soon.  But first, I will have a photo tutorial on how to make another flower.  No card made as of yet with this flower.  I will tell you that if you have Martha Stewart's Hydrangea large punch you will be able to make this flower.  See you soon!