Sunday, July 3, 2016

Reduced photo of butterfly cane

Hi blog friends,

HAPPY 4th of July weekend!

As promised here is a photo of my butterfly cane you saw in the previous post.  I will show work I did with canes when I have something to show that is worthy of your viewing.  In fact I have more photos of pendants I made this week to share with you.  Come back tomorrow to see it.  I must say, I was impressed with myself.  I had to watch a few videos to get me inspired on making my own.  Boy, was I glad I got inspired.  So come back to see the next blog tomorrow.

For now here is how the butterfly cane looks like when reduced.  It takes a while to do as once the handful size cane is completed, now the harder work begins.  Pulling each end while turning it (not twisting) and then roll it back to a nice equal log and so on until you have it reduced to different sizes you need it.  If it seems a little out of shape, it is easy to pull on after cutting slices.

This was a very first butterfly cane for me, I have more practicing to do but overall, I was surprised to see how much work it is to fill around the butterfly to make sure the shape stays as realistic as possible.
Until tomorrow, take good care and Happy 4th of July my friends

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