Thursday, July 28, 2016

Some of my newest Polymer Clay pendants I recently made and a weird bird

Hi blogger friends,

As of recently I have played almost every day with clay which is really a learning experience in many ways in making different effect.  Some will end up in a grey scrap pile and other not so bad scraps will be used for fun swirls.  I am sure I will make more beautiful things in the future as I am self thought with the help of videos and own experimenting.  I think what matters most is that I have a great time doing it.

I wouldn't dare showing you what's on my crafting table right now. It's a real mess, I seem to have the ability to take everything out I can possibly need, in just a few hours.  I feel creative when everything is around me ready for the using.

In the meantime, Linda comes every week and gets to see my new trials and errors and some are not so bad.  But here are two of them to share with you

Look at this dove in my studio window, I have an inch wide window ledge and there he is.  This is the male of this couple mating these days on the large branch you see behind him.

Well, this bird is really coockoo or perhaps stupid, but he keeps coming to smash itself in my studio window, which in turn makes Moki bark, even my dog thinks something is not right!

Today alone it probably has smacked his beak and belly three dozens of times.  Poor Moki, I had to tell him to hush up each time as he had no idea why that bird was acting so nuts! I still don't know, but what I know is, when I knock in the window to scare him away, he stays there and watches me.  I have a peeping Tom in my craft room LOL.

Have a great day


  1. Nicole, your creations are beautiful. You're sure coming up with some wonderful designs. And that crazy bird that keeps flying into your window. OMG...that is weird. Poor thing, you'd think he'd learn after a few times hitting it to stop. Never heard of this before. Have an awesome day my friend! Hugs, Geri

  2. Lovely pendants Nikky. I love the designs you have created....well done and nice to see you enjoying another hobby, even if your craft room looks like a bombs hit it!!!... So funny about your bird. It has to be the reflection of the glass and the bird must think there is another one on the other side....still it is keeping you and Moki entertained.....L Rose xxxx