Friday, January 30, 2015

Hello everyone!

Hi sweet friends and followers,

I am back on my feet starting to feel somewhat stronger.  It was a really long January as far away from my mind, would I get so sick with the Flu that kept on giving.  But, I am slowly and carefully getting back to my routine.  Well,.... A... routine of some sort.  With Moki, my sweet puppy, being so active, there were so many things I had to put aside until I was back to my ole self again.  He comes first all day long he is not easy to ignore even if I wanted to LOL.

He has grown quite a bit since I last posted his photo.  He has gotten his neutering and canine teeth removed as he had then all in double and by 6 months old, if they have not fallen on their own, it needs to be removed.  So, while he was asleep, we got everything done at once even adding an I.D. chip.  All of this made me feel much better now that all of his main visits at the Vet are over and done with.  Next visit in October.

As for my card making, my dear friends, I have been so bad at making anything else but flowers, that is the only thing I was able to do without too much disruption from my little Moki.  He is to say the least an attention seeking little dog and he's all mine.  Since I had the Flu my head has been more or less useless.  I can't seem to put ideas together too well.  So I am relaxing about it, letting it come to me again.

Sorry for those of you who communicates with me by email only, I wasn't able to reply to you in a reasonable amount of time as I am usually good at keeping up with daily flows of emails.  But, I am fine, just a little slower until I get to my 100% ole self or maybe 90% LOL

Good news, when I start dreaming about card making ideas I am on my way to creating again.  The two passed nights I woke up a few times with ideas in my head.  Smiled and went back to sleep.  So I am on my way there again.

I will try and post another photo of grown up Moki as soon as I can.  I haven't taken much photos of him since I have been ill.  But as soon as I give him a bath, I will take photos, his fur is also very long again.  Sigh, another trim on the horizon. 

Thank you for those of you who have regularly checked on me by email, it was nice to know I had many "Get well wishes" all of them were so appreciated, more than you'll ever know.  Will be back next with a card.  Keep coming back, it should be soon!

Big warm hugs to all of you

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Quick post

Hi friends,
I hope everyone had a beautiful Holiday and have some great projects on the mind for the beginning year.  I know I have many things I want to do and once I have a fully house trained puppy, I will have more time to dedicate to flower making and cards.  Soon, already, I will see my garden come back to life.  I have about 3 weeks left until I have to start preparing for the new gardening season for 2015. 

My goal is to have Moki trained by then so I don't double up on the amount of time I can't be crafting and away from my studio.  So I am sure the timing will be perfect. 

So that being said, I will leave you today with a few pictures of Moki, after I got back from a partial trim at the groomer.  I hope you like them.

I will be back soon with flower cards, my gathering with friends is resuming this week so I should be able to have a card made to post soon.

Had his eyes cleared up, paw fur trimmed and nails too

 He looks a little sleepy here
Showing his new teeth