Friday, August 29, 2014

Finishing flower Marianne Designs Collectables COL1323.....

Hi Friends,

First, I want to send rose photos to my friends who love my garden shares and to brighten up your day!  After a rainfall, I ran outside to capture the water drops left on the rose.  It was pretty.
 It makes me smile every time,  I hope it does you as well.

Next I am finishing the flower I had started by showing you how to make handmade fat stamens for this type of one layered flower.  So easy and it sure adds a bright element to any of your craft projects.

Here we go, material you will need:
I am using a Marianne Designs Collectables COL1323 using 2 smallest of the 3 flowers.

The photos also have descriptions on them, enjoy!

Refer to photo for material required
Tools no described in the photo are reverse tweezers, needle tool, stylus and the unused eraser of a pencil
Main step photos of this flower creation

I made this mix from Inkjet printer ink mixed with water until desired hue is obtained.  You can also use any water based re-inkers you have in your possession.  The reason I like inkjet printer ink, is that it is highly concentrated so less ink is needed. 

 Always have paper towels on your workstation, if you spill ink, it is easily contained. It will also absorb the excess ink after bathing it. 
 If you want quick results, you may dry your flowers with a heat tool as per seen on here.  Make sure you use a reverse tweezers while holding the flower to dry.
 If you were wanting to blend the darker pink inside the flower, you can use a water spritzer to blend the darker into the lighter color, this can be seen when the stamen is in place when the flower is completed.

 On wrong side of the flower, in a circular motion press down on each petal to cup them.
 Press down on right side of the flower as per shown
 Almost done..........
 In the last tutorial photo, the middle flower is the one I just made and the glue is still white until it is dry.  In the future, some elements won't be repeated to make the tutorials shorter.  So for instance, bathing the flower will not come back.  Please follow blog for flower evolution
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. 

Thank you for learning if it was new to you, and visiting because you are a dedicated follower, either way, I am happy you visited.  Next post should be a card I made.  Come back soon!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. THANK YOU Nikky for taking the time to present this tutorial.
    LOVE the idea of using the ink jet ink & such a great tip using the rubber on the pencil ! Doesn't that work well ??? GREAT IDEA
    Very pretty little flowers with a realistic stamen (clever )
    It takes a while to do these tutorials so I am appreciating the visual lesson.
    ***Great photo of your red rose with raindrops :0)