Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A birthday card to share

Hi Blogger friends,

I hope all is well with all of you,

Today I am sharing a birthday card, in fact, a 60th birthday card. This year I have 3 friends turning the young number of 60.  My husband always says, on your birthday, you are only one day older. True. I too will turn 60. 

Although this card was fun to make with Linda, it took a lot of card stock to make it. This card is actually over sized so each panel had to be made out of one card stock letter size for almost every layer. The dies I used were by Sue Wilson part of her newest collection CED4316 Frames & Tags, CED9303 Shadow Box Collection - Stitched Lattice Frames.  The number 60 was from Peel off stickers in gold.  Happy Birthday stamp is from my rubber stamp stash.  

Linda's card was sensational, my apologies, in all the excitement I forgot to take a photo of her gorgeous card.  She had a flower spray on hers, it was one of her best cards yet.  I may add it later if it's not too late.

I hope you enjoy!  Happy day!
Tomorrow I will show you Moki on his small surfboard.  Also a coockoo acting mourning dove.



  1. W O W !!!! What a beautiful card. Your friend is going to love it. It looks time consuming, and the way it turned out is fabulous. And all the tiny pearls you added are just perfect on the card. Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Geri

  2. SO ELEGANT .... someone is going to have a lovely keepsake card. So you are next Nikky ? Embrace 60 my friend, it is a privilege denied to so many :0)

  3. OMG Nikky, i just had the Post Man hand deliver this same card. VOW, my lovely friend, it is gorgeous and i am one Lucky Girl to receive this card on my Special Birthday. The amount of work that has gone in to making it, gosh i really appreciate it Nikky.

    After admiring the card, i then got to open the box with the Brooch in it.....i was STUNNED!! It is absolutely FABULOUS. When you showed the photo of it and told me i had won, i just did not expect such beauty. The splash of gold and red colour on it.....i shall wear it with pride...oh Nikky it is FABULOUS..... L Rose....xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx