Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Photos of our little Moki in the pool

Hi everyone,

I hope this finds you all well and smiling.
Geri I wish you well and get back on your feet soon.

I thought that I should share some photos of our little Moki in our pool.  He is so funny to watch so I thought since I have gotten so many emails asking to see him with recent photos, this was a perfect chance I had to share.  He just turned 2 years old this week.

I never thought it would be possible to love a dog the way I love my Moki.  I find him smart, full of unexpected tricks, lovable when he curls up into my lap and so much more.  We actually find him funny and find ourselves laughing most of the time with him around.  You know when kids are asking Mom for something and she refuses, the child will go to Dad and hope he will say yes?  Well Moki does that too!

But for now here are a few photos of my little family member Moki

Look at this face....

And Moki wearing his safety vest in action

He was on the floating device while sitting in the shade I was calling him so he would feel like jumping.....he eventually was comfortable enough to leave from the waterfall all the way to the stairs without help.  We have another swimmer in the family now.

Empty pool and that day was 105F so hot!



  1. Oh Nikky, he is so enjoying swimming in that pool, anything to keep cool....He is just gorgeous and i cannot believe he is nearly two. Where does time go?? He is not as dark as he was when you first got him, has he lost some of his colour or is it just the sun shine not showing his true colour. Thank you so much my lovely friend for sharing these photos with us, as we have missed not getting up dates on him......L Rose xxxxx

  2. Thank you for updating us on Moki. Hard to believe he is @. Seems like yesterday he was arriving!

  3. Hi Rosie
    yes he has lost his darker spots as now he camouflagesaid easily with beige items, such as blankets....he is a pure joy to wake up to every day.

  4. Hi Alison, yes time flies when we are having fun doesn't it? Check the next pictures of him holding his own on his mini surfboard....he keeps his balance on it. But he is not surfing LOL

  5. Oh my goodness! Look at Moki swim in his pool!! Adorable pictures of him, and you have a beautiful pool and the gardening you've done is fabulous. I know how Moki must you keep you entertained. So good to see pictures of him and get an update on Mr. Moki. Hope you and Mark are also staying cool in your pool with our hot weather. Thank a million for sharing Moki's pictures. Love seeing him! Big Hugs, Geri xo

  6. Ohhhhhhh I have only just seen these photos !

    WONDERFUL to see Moki enjoys the water & what a beautiful pool you have .... go Moki .... do the doggy paddle :0) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx