Monday, March 16, 2015

Back now, A card with a heart

Hi Friends,

Today, I am back to share my card with a heart which was easy to make with friends.  I will tell you how I made it after I post the photos of it.

I hope all is well and for those who had Mother's Day in Europe and Australia had a good one.  Here it is celebrated on May the 10th this year.

Here is the card I am sharing with you today:

Card size 5.5 in X 5.5 inch, I used 2 cut doilies by Cheery Lynn Designs for this.  All layers of doilies will be on foam dimensional.  The roses I made with the spiral roses by Impression Obsession
You will need of course white cardstock, Rose red Memento ink (or favorite ink brand you already have) half pearls, 3 handmade roses or purchased, leaves, a favorite embossing folder you already have but has to be large enough to layer the 5.5 inch square card base.  I used for the heart was my handmade paper from my scrap pieces of paper I usually recycle that way.  Or use paper you have that is pleasing for this card.   
I tinted the cheesecloth simply by adding a few drops of re-inker dandelion color in Memento and water (just a small ink/water bath as you only need 1 ounce to dip the cheesecloth in for the coloring).  I wet the cheesecloth first with water and then put it into the ink solution for a few seconds, then I remove the excess ink/water, unfold and set aside to dry.
Sometime this year, if I get all my organizing done (eventually), I will have a class here (more details later), just for local people, but for those of you who can't join us, there is a link below for lessons. Please take note that if you are into paper making you will need to keep all your scrap paper (recycling).  I normally use the scrap cardstock for it.  If you have pattern paper, or paper from the printer, this can be set aside separately.  No wax paper.  Make sure it is all paper.  If you have a Goodwill store near you check regularly if they have a electric blender dedicated to just paper making or for crafts in general, so you don't want to pay much for it. 
Visit: this is the site you can find all you need for paper making.  I have his books, techniques, what to use and they sell fibers, papermill, you will need to make your own paper.  You can also buy his products on Amazon as well.
Note:  I will be taking photos on the paper making at the time.  We all develop techniques that works for each of us by practicing eventually. 
Back to the card instructions now:

I used my Spellbinder heart die cut to start with my heart paper shape.  I used half of one cotton ball to stuff the heart with.  Then fast grab glue is applied around the heart (making sure the glue doesn't touch the cotton or it will soak in the glue and disable the sticking the back to a piece of paper in the same shape.
Once your edges are all glued in, with the help of your thumbnail or a bone folder, trace a line away from the edge of the paper, but remember it is handmade paper and it is fragile when slightly wet.  So go gently around the edges.  Then, ink up the edges as you see on the photo.  If you want a vintage look you can also paint with some Gesso around the edge, on top of your inking.  Next, the final step is to apply your cheesecloth strips (I used 3 strips of about 6 inches long by 1.5 inch each to add to the back of the heart with glue and gathering the cloth as you go I began at the indentation of the heart.  Trimmed after all strips were glued on and in position, use another piece of paper to cover and secure the cloth at the back.  Now you are ready to add your flowers.
For a fancier look, I added some Stickles (diamond) by Rangers, at random around the cheesecloth, tip of roses, around the heart edge and inside the heart barely touching the heart or cloth so it is very subtle.
I hope you see that this is easily made and if you feel laborious make a few ahead of time so when you need another special card made in a hurry you can quickly make another one. 
I have been making so many flowers and stamens with the help of either paper clay or my favorite (handmade porcelain clay) so I can continue to make flowers with stamens.  So a card should be shared soon. 
Have a fun week


  1. This was a super fun card to make, thank you Nicole for showing me how. Your design on this card it great, love the shabby chic look, and to get away from the standard red rose really makes this unique and special. Looking forward to your next card and blog post. Have a wonderful day.

  2. So the heart is slightly padded ?!!! WOW !
    SO CLEVER to have thought of doing that, you really do come up with some great ideas, so creative.
    Book me in for ALL of your classes - front row desk please
    ( if only ) Will Moki be attending ? :0)