Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Step card

Hi friends,

Today I'm posting a step card.  I recently took my sewing machine out of the moving company box, finally!  It had been a while since I had not used my sewing machine.  But, I'll have fun playing again!  I still had a few boxes to sort out from many moves, but YEY!

I was asked a week ago: "What is my favorite technique, medium and craft I have tried?"  I must say, in my approximately 14 years of active crafting, the one thing always comes back to me is undeniably card making.

I can't say I have a favorite technique, I enjoy all techniques that makes my cards complete at the time of creating them.  I love to step outside of my comfort zone when a card calls for it, and as for the embellishments, Flowers flower flowers and what goes well with them is my all time preference.  Above all...  It's amazing what can be made on such a small canvas from an A2 to square or A5 card format, how creative this craft let us be, the oh so unlimited possibilities. 

I love what is dimensional (flowers, bows, decoupage, card stitching with beads, etc) and I draw inspiration from my every day living, surroundings, my garden as I could go on.  I love to let my creativity surprise me.  I don't see my limiting myself to just one type of card as I would get bored quickly, so variety for me, is very important. 

I draw inspiration from multiple artists as it ranges from Encaustic art to flower creation, to water coloring, where ever the wind blows.  I try to bring most of the techniques I tried into my card making whenever possible.  One thing is for certain, there is always a project or two I'm working on.  This is another reason why my work can't be boxed into a particular style.  

Gardening and cooking are coming in second and third place on my favorite things to do. 

Today's card:

I wanted to keep this card as simple as possible. 

There were quite a few dies used in the making of this card.  Cheery Lynn Designs, La la Land, Memory box, Joy Crafts, etc.
My side projects at the moment, are among other things, playing with cold ceramic air dry clay made from scratch for embellishment use, I also finished a special masculine card that will be shared in a week or two.  I also will have a card and a matching box to share soon. 
The best of all for me right now, my favorite season is beginning... Cooler temperatures are so welcome right now.
Happy Crafting!
Have a great day everyone, thanks for visiting 


  1. I love what you have done with this latest card Nikky. It looks gorgeous. A lot of work and creativity here!

  2. This is so pretty .... & I LOVE the stitching too. I haven't seen the bridge die before - it's lovely xxxxxxxxx

  3. This is a lovely card, Nikky....I do like that bridge and the way you have the flowers at the bottom of it......lovely colours too.....xxxxxx

  4. The color pallet in this card is especially pleasing, I love the use of your air dry clay it is really adding a pleasing look to your cards. You always do such wonderful work it amazes me at all the different designs you keep coming up with. You know me, I like to find one good design and then make it a hundred times just using different colors - hee hee - that is not your style and I am glad, that way you can keep bringing us such wonderful cards that we can try ourselves. Thank you!

  5. What a beautiful step card. I'm amazed what you do with dry clay. The birdhouse and bridge are just perfect on this card. I, like Maribeth said, am always surprised at all the different designs you come up with. Your mind must be filled with many many wonderful design ideas! Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Geri