Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Update on Moki

Hi bloggers and followers,

As you already know from a few weeks ago now, I have a new puppy.  My days and late evenings are on puppy watch and training.  It is time consuming but he is a priority right now.  I must admit that I am quite impressed by his progress, house breaking and a few tricks we teach dogs, with him, it seems it's all in the pocket already.  Maybe he was here before in another life LOL.  That's a thought, but I really do think that he is making progress and then some days I feel he is backtracking.  But who isn't, we all have our good and not so good days.  Right?

This is one photo I took of him a few days ago.  His fur coat is getting so thick and long, a trim for maintenance was needed and I have learned that I won't go back to get him trimmed for any sort of trimming again.  Good thing it will grow back.  Entering his 13th week of age, he is quite a character as he knows what he wants, but overall he won both of our hearts from the minute we first laid eyes on our little guy Moki.

Puppy proofing the house is still an ongoing project too.  The best way I found out how to limit the damages is to "see what they see" to their level.  Sit on the floor and look around for things he might want to get into when you are not looking.

So that's my news for now, sorry I have been silent lately.  I have a few projects on the table just waiting to be finished and once that's done I will post them for you to see. 

Thank you for stopping by.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to read it.
Will post soon, don't give up on me just yet LOL.

Have a wonderful day everyone


  1. Hi Nikky, yes got on straight away so that is good. Love the new pic of Moki and by the sound of it you Are going to have to find a new groomer or learn how to do it yourself.
    Give Moki a hug from me
    Hugs Trish

  2. Nicole, I've been waiting and waiting for a Moki update, and today....here he is! He is so adorable. We just love dogs, and you got a very special one. They sure are entertaining, to say the least. Before you know it, he'll be totally housebroken. They're smart little creatures and learn fast most of the time. Have fun with Moki and enjoy him! Hugs, Geri

  3. Lovely to get the update about Moki. He sounds like a little rascal but at that age aren't they all? We baby sit our daughters dogs while she is at work and I know the trouble they can get into in a blink of an eye! Good luck and enjoy!

  4. AAaaaaahhhh, Nikky, he is just gorgeous and i love the colour of his fur as it is going a little darker. So the grooming was not a success?? Let us hope you either find someone else to do it next time, or do it your self. Puppies are handful at the best of time, so i am not surprised you are kept on your toes all the time.

    I don't think any of us have given up on you yet, we all know you will be kept busy for quite some time, so come back when you are ready and we all will keep checking on your progress and Moki's too......Hugs Rose xxxxxxx