Thursday, October 23, 2014

Time to share another card "Koala Easel Card"

Hi Bloggers and followers,

Today I am sharing a card I made this week.  It was fun!
This stamp is a stamp called "Kind Koala" from SU 134360 and I used the Spellbinders Labels Twenty Five S5-077.  Frankly you can make an easel card with any labels you like.  You will need to make a hinge at the very top of it but it looks pretty when all is done. 

 Rhinestones used were of SU.  I find them so much more shining than the ones we get in Craft chain stores.  I used 4 Copic markers Cold and Warm grey and a yellow and orange for the flower.

 This card is a dimensional card.  You may not see it perfectly but I have cut another head with the ears and a nose.  Colored the extra head with ears in grey (2 toned) then I added an extra nose I had fussy cut as well to make a 3D look from this lovely Koala.
This is a very simple card to make.  Just stamp your Koala stamp 3 times.  Make sure before you add dimension to your koala that the full koala background piece is cut into any shape you want.  Once it is dimensional if you want to cut out your koala, it will get crushed into your cutting machine.
Before I added the 2 extra pieces and then the 2nd layer of the daisy I formed them and by that I mean with the help of a stylus and a foam pad, rounding up the edges before adding the dimensional foam over the original background image.
Once your image is mounted with extra layers of the koala you can layer your image.  In this case I used my Spellbinder shape but this time I penciled outside of the frame to make 1/8th border in black.  I had to fussy cut it but it was what I needed between my grey and white layers.  I stamped 3 more daisies and fussy cut them after coloring them and used the Memory Box Bamboo shoots 98793 and cut out a piece of it to lay on the oval that keeps the easel upright.  To finish the card I added rhinestones.
Thanks for stopping by, thank you everyone for your comments.  I really love to read them.  Don't be shy!
Moki is doing well.  Moki made another milestone today.  YEY!!!!!!!!!!! not so sure it is good yet, but he gained more independence by going down the stairs on his own.  He had learned how to climb them after luring him with a toy sock but I had only shown him once how to come down the stairs.  Today while preparing my lunch, he appeared out of nowhere.  Which told me that he had managed to come down the stairs from my Studio.  I knew it was going to happen, I just wasn't sure when.  So he cannot be kept in one room anymore lol.  Good?  not sure.....will let you know, to be continued.....
Have a great day!


  1. Cute card Nikky .... one of those that makes you smile :0) Glad to see you have found time to carry on with your card making in between looking after Moki. So .... he has worked out how to come DOWN the stairs - LOL ! It's fun watching them progress from one milestone to the next .... his little world has now opened up to ground level - be afraid !!! ha ha ha ha :0)

  2. Love your card Nicole, Very sweet. Looking forward (or not) to tomorrow. I will keep in touch. Your Maki is gorgeous aaaand is finding his way around, clever little puppy. He'll keep you on your toes, in a fun way, enjoy it, love xxx

  3. I just called him Maki instead of Moki, but we know who I'm talking about don't we? ��