Sunday, February 7, 2016

Oh I love Vintage photos with a tinge of color in them

Hi Blogger friends,

Today I am going to share a lovely card I made in view of so many birthday cards to send for the year.  No one will know who will get this card until they open it when received.  This process makes it easier for me to share my cards ahead of time, so I can move on with other projects.  Making sense to me with all the projects I have in mind.

This card was very much fun to make although I had a hiccup when it came to decide what type of flowers I was going to use for the spray.  I wanted I small spray with small flowers or a larger single flower.  But, as I always try different options before adhering anything to any card until it is decided, I was happy to find some flowers that were already made to fit this spray perfectly.  It turned out even better than anticipated.  So I hope you like it.

Spellbinders - Lovin' Diamonds S6-019
Vintage photo found on Pinterest
The pink roses are made of crepe paper with a circular die cut (MFT)
Every flower on this card and generally found on my cards, are all hand made.  I don't buy already made flowers.

Tips you might enjoy knowing before hand:  This is a large die that makes a 6 X 6 in card.  It is also very intricate.  I had to use some wax paper to cut it well.  I suggest you cut with edge on the left side of your machine.  Turn 90 degree and cut again so you get a perfect cut.  As for the embossing I suggest you do it by hand with a stylus, I tried it and it destroyed the edges as you can see it is very thin.
My next card has a red poppy flower on it.
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  1. Another beautiful Nicole creation! Love the flowers, and see that you made them out of crepe paper...was that difficult with thin paper? You did a wonderful job. Vintage photo is adorable, and the frame is perfect for it. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Geri

  2. Hi Geri, crepe paper is not hard to work with, but I find that it gives better results when keeping it tight while rolling but, not stretching it. Stretching is good when you have separate petals, pulling one end will give a natural cupping of the petal. It is definitely something I will continue to use. The best crepe paper to get (quality) is at, just search for crepe paper. They have a great color selection. I hope this helps you. Thanks for your interest in my blog Geri.

  3. Hi Nicole

    Wonderful card. I love the flower spray along the bottom of the photo, it really looks lovely. As always, thank you for sharing your wonderful creations with all of us.

  4. Such a beautiful and stunning card. I love the vintage look and your little flowers are perfect for the picture. Appreciate the tips on working with crepe paper. Thank you.

  5. Ohhh my - this is truly stunning
    So Elegant ... love ALL the elements on here & so much work / time spent making the flowers
    STUNNING CARD NIKKY xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx