Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hello everyone

Hi blogger friends,

My coming back to my blog will start by posting a beautiful card that my friend made this week.  I really loved it and will surprise her by posting it here for you to see.

We usually make a card or two a week, we finish them later adding different embellishments to our cards so the following week we can show our finished projects.  It is fun to see how different the same two basic cards end up each time.  This card she made from scratch and surprised me with it last Wednesday.  Fun fun fun
Thanks Linda for letting me take a photo of it.  Surprise!
Her main die cut on this card is by Sue Wilson called "Alexandra CED4311"
We both make our own flowers.
Next blog post will be one of my cards.
I hope you all have been well, I will have many cards to share with you.  Feel free to leave a comment letting me know you were here and questions are always welcome.


  1. Hey Nicole, glad you are back posting. I love Linda's card. She has an excellent teacher.

  2. Thank you Maribeth. I really enjoyed your comments. There are so many more cards to come, every day, 2 weeks worth. Have a great week! Nicole

  3. STUNNING CARD LINDA .... when you & Nikky get together you're cards are twice as nice :0) xxxxxxxxxxx