Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Another photo of my Moki

Hi friends and followers,

I had a photo session with Moki this week, I mean, I took pictures of him sitting on a chair on a fancy blanket.  He seemed to enjoy it, plenty of treats in the process but he would really give me some cute pictures for my digital album.  Since I don't do scrapbooking I keep all my photos on 2 hard drives.  Economical.

Here he is:

Have a great day everyone!  He is keeping all of mine very busy and I love it and him.
I have more cards to share on my next blog tomorrow and for a few days.  Some are very simple and some are very time consuming.  But I can share them since I know the recipients have already gotten their cards.
Thanks for visiting. 


  1. He is growing so fast ! I LOVE his face Nikky - he looks so cute but VERY cheeky LOL !!!

    I know puppy's can be hard work at times but the puppy stage doesn't last long & very soon you'll have a loving & loyal friend by your side .... it's worth all of the effort :0) You'll be enjoying lots of long walks next year & it's surprising how many stop & chat or just smile when you have a dog, especially a cute one like Moki !

  2. Well look at Mr. Moki! He sure posed like a little gentleman. Such a cute photo.....he's really a beautiful dog. Aren't they just the greatest companions? We sure love our Zoe girl. She still does new things that just crack us up. They truly are a joy. He won't be a puppy long, so enjoy his puppyhood. Hugs, Geri N