Thursday, March 10, 2016

Moki's up to date photos

Hi Friends,

Today I am taking this post to show you my little Morkie dog called Moki.  For those of you who have not gone as far as last year's blogs, I have gotten him when he was 10 weeks old a tiny little puppy who had his whole life ahead of him filled with learning and training.  He is now 18 months into his comfortable life of being loved (spoiled).  We think he is happy.  If dogs could talk right?

So here he is:

Ahhhhhh, he is not so happy to have been woken up for a photo session poor guy

Happier pictures of him will be posted soon.  He had his trimming session today, so not a best day for him to be asked to be still for a silly photo session, if you know what I mean.

I have had many requests to show him off since he had been camera shy for a few months now.  So he posed today for all of you who are interested to see him.  I took an hour a few days ago to trim him down as his fur was way too long it was always tangling up and he hates being brushed when it gets out of control.  For the first time, ever, I was able to trim him from side to side without chasing him around the table top.  What a nice change.  That means less fur irregularities, I am getting better at it.  When I keep in mind I'm saving at least $60 a month and $11 for his hair trimming, it makes it worthwhile to take one hour and have him to be a good Moki for that time rather than leaving in the hands of strangers for sometimes 3 hours. 

He has allergy issues, but as the Vet suggested, chicken is the most allergenic food for small dogs, rice and so on.  So I am in the process of trying turkey and beef mixed together with loads of good veggies for him into a meat loaf made ahead of time and sliced into daily portions.  It works fabulously as I refuse to feed him store bought food that we never really know what I feed him with. 

I also read on yeast they produce from certain foods, or products we wash dogs with.  There is a lot of tricks out there to remedy the intense scratching, what works for him seems to be apple cider vinegar mixed with water 1:1 ratio.  Warm water added to the same amount of vinegar and with a very soft cloth, I saturated the cloth with this formula and rub the areas itching.  Now when I see him scratching, I say, do you want vinegar?  He runs to the area where I keep the vinegar to have me apply more on him.  For best results, apply as needed or every other day.  Also add a small drop of apple cider vinegar in the water they drink. 

It could also be dry skin too.  Here in New Mexico, it is known to be so dry, let's face it, the desert is even difficult for human skin so, imagine a small animal walking in the dead heat of Summer, when the sun is affecting us too, what it does to them, they can't speak to tell us what's wrong.  When it's too hot we walk when the sun is rising and when it is going to set.  I preserve his little pads on his feet from burning.  For some relief of this type of dryness we use Oatmeal shampoo once a week.  It smells so nice.

Well, I know I had gotten some interest from someone who reads my blog regularly about this type of problem, but a Vet is also a preferable to ask if it seems serious.  Also brushing their fur coat every day is also another good thing to get into the habit of doing.  Moki never liked the brush, he runs away from it but once I get started. he enjoys the free scratching the brush provides for him.

So I am no expert in the canine matters, I can only tell you what I do with my little one to try and help the problems that were addressed on his Vet visits. There are some really good sites where you can read about skin problems for dogs, don't quote me on all of this please.  If you see no improvement, stop what is not working.

Have a fun day!


  1. Thank you! I've been so anxious to see new picture of Moki, and he looks just as adorable as the first time I got to meet him. He looks so soft and cuddly. I'm sorry he has such bad allergies. Our little Zoe does too. I'm going to try your recommendations on the oatmeal shampoo and the vinegar rinse also. Thank you for the great information and especially for sharing picture of Mr. Moki! You can sure tell he is blessed to be in such a loving home with you and Mark. Big hugs, Geri xo

  2. Oh Nikky, it is wonderful to see Moki's latest photos. He definitely has grown and his fur is a lot lighter than when you first got him. He obviously loves having his photos taken as he posing for you. It also shows how content he is living with you and Mark. You both have done wonders with him. Sorry to hear about his allergies, but glad you are able to tackle that problem. Thank you for all the up dates.....Hugs Rose xxxx

  3. Great photos of Moki - what a lucky little dog to have you & Mark as his mom & dad, he's in good hands for sure & you are doing a fantastic job with his grooming, I'm sure he's happier letting his mom do it than the pooch parlor. He's a handsome boy & a credit to you, thank you for sharing the latest photos of Moki, sending woofs,wags & licks xxxxxxxx