Monday, March 21, 2016

Resuming blog posts this week

Hi Friends, followers,

Thank you for being patient.  I have had a nice week to recuperate and feel a little more back into my own busy schedule.  We all know when not feeling good for a few days, the trail of work left to do when we get back on our feet, right?  That's where I am now. 

I will post a new card this week.  Need to take photos and I will be back to share.  Thank you for the get well wishes from closer friends and some forever online friends.  I made me feel like I am also at risk, who ever said, aging was a walk in the park, I can't agree to that as yes we have good days, few and far in between LOL.  But working on staying fit so my ticker doesn't give me more worries.

Have a fantastic week!
Nicole xox

1 comment:

  1. Glad you are feeling better Nikky! Don't do too much before you're ready!