Monday, December 15, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK! Just to show you our house Christmas Decorations for this year 2014

Hi bloggers and followers,

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful husband, Mark.  Hoping to make this day so much fun and memorable for years to come.

Just a quick skip and a jump to say Hi and share with you some photos I have taken of our Christmas decorations.  We are fortunate this year that the temperatures have allowed us to put it all up without needing any gloves.  It was nice that mother nature has considered an easy Christmas decoration year.  Thank you!

 It is nice to see the animated deer to the left
This year we have many neighbor who are decorating it looks so pretty out there.  It makes me go out and look if there are any new decorators night after nights!
Beautiful, simply beautiful!
Have a great week everyone and thanks for visiting
More to share soon


  1. Beautiful, Nicole! I love the deer!

  2. Love the lights, your house looks beautiful.

  3. Beautiful, Nikky, really happy you managed to finish decorating your house.......Happy Birthday

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK - I'm sure you spoiled him Nikky for his birthday & I'm sure that Moki was well dressed for the occasion too in his new clothes that you've been making.

    *** WOW *** your outdoor lights are spectacular & quite elegant too. LOVE THEM

    Angela xxxxxxx

  5. Beautiful Christmas decorations! We got to see it up close and personal one evening. So pretty! Lots of work, but it sure lights up your house and is so festive! Hope you and Mark got to celebrate on his birthday! Hugs, Geri