Tuesday, December 16, 2014

More of Moki's photos

Hi Friends,

Well, as you probably have done one time or twice already, I love to go to Pinterest and find some free patterns for my Morkie's outfits.  I have started to make him a small and fun new wardrobe.  I also noticed that when I try to find something for him in the Retail stores, it is rare finding clothing for males.  If there is anything available in X-small, it is all picked through and what's left is not really appealing to me.  That being said, I decided to have fun when I get away from making flowers (still a passion), to make him some cute outfits to take pictures of him for your viewing pleasure.

Today Moki is posing in his brand new casual tux I have made out of scrapped jeans and scrapped fabric I was happy I had saved for all those years.  I have put them to good use at last.  I have to find time to make him a Santa outfit.  I have the pattern, I just need the time.  Here is the fun photo session he was thrilled to do for us.

 (ME) When I put on the Tux on him he was busy chewing on the bow.  I didn't notice that the bow had been pushed down from its original position.  So all of the bows on all pictures are a little lower than it should have been.

(Moki) I better have a treat coming for all this work.......

(Moki) Look folks!  I have a chin too!

 (ME) If I had to pick a favorite this one is.  He looks like he is smiling (above photo).  He loves to stick his tongue out it is so funny and cute as he knows he makes us laugh so he does it more.
 (Moki) I have good looks!
 (Moki) This is serious stuff, am I doing great Ma?
Yes Moki you did wonderfully, I can always count on you for your cooperation, hum, almost always! lol
Thanks for dropping in, I hope you enjoyed his cute photos and his handmade Tux.  I know photos are not always easily showing the true size of anything, but he is still wearing X-small and there is room to grow at that size.  So he is tiny.  So, he is full of joy to unwrap every day. 
Hugs, Nicole


  1. Oh isn't he just a poser......he so loves having his photos taken. He looks very, very handsome and you have done a great job of his 'tux'.....very proud of you, my friend.....xxxxxxxx

  2. SOOOO CUTE - I think he likes posing ?!!!
    Love his tux
    I can see a whole wardrobe accumulating very very soon .... :0)
    He really is a very cute looking pup xxxxxxxx

  3. I forgot to say - LOVE the photos of him with his tongue sticking out
    LOL !
    He sure knows how to work the camera .... ha ha ha ...cute

  4. Wow! Moki is so lucky to have a mommy who can not only make his comfy beds, but also sew great outfits for him! Love his tux and bowtie....so cute! Can't wait to see what you come up with next. Please keep the pics coming. Love seeing what Mr. Moki is up to. Hugs, Geri