Saturday, December 20, 2014

Moki ready for Christmas

Hi Friends,

I have found some extra time to make Moki a Santa outfit this week.  I just realized that I should have made a bag filled with little presents too!  But, he won't mind since he is my every day present, even for Christmas.  This little guy on his worst days a total joy to have.  On his best days a total delight to share my every moments with.

When Mark and I are sitting at night enjoying a coffee together, this little guy is surprising us with new moves, new tricks, new ways to get our attention although he needs nothing creative to get our eyes go to him as he is such a good looking dog to start.  We never get tired of looking at him.

His teeth are almost done growing and we went through yet again another period of biting spells but a lot of chews on hands saved our fingers in the end. 

So without further due, here are his shots of the week and his suit so you can see what it looks like off of him!

The site where I get some of my patterns for my dog outfits is as follows:  She just made a Tux jacket to go with the tux I just made last week.  I will make another Tux in black and white so I can make the jacket to coordinate.  I think I like to sew for my trendy little one :)

Look at him!  He was so cute so while I was taking pictures of him this way I couldn't help but laugh out loud, he was looking at me knowing that Mama was happy it was looking good on him. 



Near the end of the making of his Santa outfit, since he knew it was for him.  He would jump trying to see what I was doing that took so long to finish it.  I had to try it on him multiple times to see that all was fitting nicely.

Since these photos were taken we finally were able to stabilize him long enough to clear his eyes from all the fur obstructing his vision.  His top fur is looking more and more silver, the face and front of him is always getting whiter.  I love that his ears are a little darker than the rest.  It adds to his charming looks lol

I am going to bring my newer sewing machine to get is cleaned up where we bought it years ago, it didn't like to travel abroad and back.  Right now I am sewing with my very old and trusty Singer Industrial machine near 50 years old.  One thing though, I only have one lower bobbin to use and it has white on it.  So I had to sew his belt with white.  I hope it made you smile, while staying in the Christmas spirit.

Thank you for visiting, I appreciate all comments, I actually love comments so let me know what you think and if you feel like sharing some websites that have dog outfits for free, add them in the comment box for everyone to see.  Thank you!
If I don't post any cards through Christmas and New Years, I want to wish you all a 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015. 
We can wish for peace, happiness and love for everyone.
Christmas hugs,
Nicole xx


  1. Oh my....Moki looks smashing in his Christmas outfit...fur lined hood and all. Such a handsome little guy! He's very lucky to have a mommy who sews all the different outfits for him. Again, he looks absolutely adorable. Glad his teeth are growing in. Those little razor sharp teeth hurt when puppies decide to nibble on their humans. lol Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Geri

  2. SANTA PAWS ..... is soooo cute

    You have done a great job of his santa outfit - LOVE the belt & the fur trim finishes off the coat beautifully & is much nicer than any shop bought outfit.
    I'm looking forward to seeing many more outfits - he's keeping you busy in more ways than one !!! :0)
    Sending you all Christmas Wishes too & a very happy 2015 for all of us here. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Oh Nikky,.....what a fabulous job you have done of the Santa Outfit. I love it Moki looks so handsome in his outfit...look forward to seeing more out fits for him too....
    Merry Christmas and a Very Happy Healthy New Year to you all.....xxxxx